About CSRM

We are a leading research centre, committed to improving the social performance of the resources industry globally.


Our work spans a range of thematic areas, covering the interactions between resource projects, communities and other stakeholders.

Across these themes, we conduct quantitative and qualitative social research; provide services including framework and customised studies; and co-ordinate education and training activities. These three aspects continually reinforce each other, keeping CSRM in contact with all stakeholders and at the forefront of development.

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Who we are

The Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) is a part of the Sustainable Minerals Institute (SMI) at the University of Queensland, one of Australia’s premier universities. SMI has a long track record of working to understand and apply the principles of sustainable development within the global resources industry.

At CSRM, our focus is on the social, economic and political challenges that occur when change is brought about by resource extraction and development. We work with companies, communities and governments in mining regions all over the world to improve social performance and deliver better outcomes for companies and communities.

Since 2001, we have contributed significantly to industry change through our research, teaching  and consulting. The bottom line: we help build capacity to manage change in more effective ways. This is our aim.

What makes us different?

We are a multi-disciplinary group of anthropologists, sociologists, political scientists, economists, engineers, development, technical and natural resource specialists. We have in-depth knowledge of the minerals industry, both at corporate and operational levels, built from years of practical experience and engagement.

Our multi-disciplinary team collaborates across practice areas to conduct rigorous, independent research within the University of Queensland's ethical framework; provide strategic or specialist advice; develop policy; and deliver world-leading education and training.

Our position within the University of Queensland, and our ability to link research and practice across several disciplines, sets us apart and adds unique value to the work we do.