Mining Development in Madagascar - Prospective research about fiscal and non-fiscal contribution of mining development and the opportunities for human development

Start Date: Mar 2013 End Date: Aug 2014

In many developing countries with a relative abundance of natural resources new mining activities are providing positive scenarios and a long term possibilities for improving the social and economic wellbeing and human development through employment, productive linkages, macroeconomic stability and new fiscal incomes. However, in order to transform these mining opportunities into realities, society as a whole, including the state, local governments, institutions, the international community, host communities, the people and mining companies must build a common agenda that goes beyond the narrow interests of its constituent parts.

The objective of this research is to provide a comprehensive analysis about the Fiscal and Non- fiscal Contribution of Mining Development and the Opportunities for Human Development in Madagascar. The aim is to contribute to this common agenda and to provide recommendations regarding how to transform the exploitation of non renewable natural resource into human development.

Project Report

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Project Aims

  • To develop a deeper and comprehensive understanding about potential mining impacts, effects, and contributions on Madagascar through the analysis of key economic and social issues
  • To provide recommendations about how Madagascar can maximize the potential benefits, minimize (or avoid) negative impacts and improve the quality of life and human development in Madagascar at the local and national levels in the long run
  • To reinforce the capacities of main stakeholders to prepare for the related challenges and opportunities

Funding Body / Partners

  • Funded by World Bank
  • Training activities supported by the International Mining for Development Centre (IM4DC)

Associated CSRM Staff / Students