Munkhzul Dorjsuren

Position: PhD Student CMLR
Location: Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining
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Bachelor of Science

Research Interests

Biology and Conservation Ecology

Grassland soil Rehabilitation

Mined land rehabilitation

Tailings remediation


Conservation Ecologists group at Faculty of Biology, National University of Mongolia

Thesis Topic

Remediation of base metal mine tailings for establishing native plants in subtropical semi-arid climate

The project is investigating effective options for establishing stable vegetation cover with tolerant native plant species on metalliferous tailings impoundment area (almost 1500 ha) of Mt Isa Mines of Xstrata Cu. It focuses on the modification of chemical conditions in relation to phosphorus dynamics and availability in the plant rooting zone of native plants, in response to tailings amendments with crude organic and/or inorganic materials, while the main project component targets system constraints in the tailings profile, i.e. physical resistance and hydraulic factors. 

 Advisors: Dr Longbin Huang, Dr Andrew Fletcher and Professor David Mulligan

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