Dr. Vikki Uhlmann

Position: Post Doctoral Research Fellow
Location: Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining
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Dr Vikki Uhlmann is a Postdoctoral Research Fellow jointly appointed in the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining and the Institute for Social Science Research.  She has worked with many industry sectors and has multi-disciplinary qualifications.  Her particular research interest is evidence-based collaborative processes for achieving sustainable development by focusing on the triple bottom line -- meeting the needs of people, the environment, and the organisation’s economic viability and contribution to society.

Vikki developed skills in stakeholder communication and relationship building, counselling, conflict management, facilitation, and interviews, surveys and evaluation as a psychologist in the welfare and corrective services sectors. An interest in public participation in policy development led her to undertake Masters research on the characteristics of effective public consultation at Griffith University. This research contributed toward the development of Queensland Government policy on public consultation. She has incorporated the findings into collaboration with stakeholder groups from business and industry, government and NGO’s, community and the media, as well as academia. She has conducted community engagement programs for projects in natural resource management, water and sanitation infrastructure, traffic and transport planning and infrastructure, electricity generation and distribution and land use planning.

Vikki worked for many years on sustainable water and sanitation, helping the Australian Water Association to establish water recycling as a sustainability management tool. She researched the Education Needs Background Study for the Queensland Water Recycling Strategy and later served as Strategy Manager. She completed doctoral research at UQ’s Advanced Water Management Centre (AWMC), assisting Local Governments in the sustainable management of water and sanitation. She subsequently completed preliminary sustainability assessments of the proposed Traveston Crossing dam on the Mary River and the South-East Queensland Water Strategy.

She has applied sustainable water management concepts in developing countries such as Indonesia, Kenya and Burkina Faso.  As an Adjunct Associate Professor in the Institute for Social Science Research at UQ, Vikki co-authored a report for the Urban Water Security Research Alliance - Water Recycling: Recent History of Local Government Initiatives in South East Queensland (2011).

In recent times, Vikki has developed and delivered education courses in sustainable development and sustainability impact assessment at university level, in trades training, and for project engineers and government policy makers. In 2011, she won a Partnership Award from SkillsTech Australia (TAFE) for bringing trade teams together for professional development in sustainability.

Vikki employs a collaborative action research methodology to deal with complexity and uncertainty and where adaptive management is required. In 1990, she helped establish the Action Learning and Action Research Association (ALARA) and published its first monograph in 1994. She is a member of the Society for Sustainability and Environmental Engineering within Engineers Australia and the International Association for Public Participation (Australasia).

At The University of Queensland, Vikki received her Bachelor and Diploma in psychology and her doctorate in sustainable water management (School of Chemical Engineering). Her Masters in Administration was awarded by Griffith University.

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