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Rare earth minerals are critical to the development of new material technologies required to sustain the needs of today’s society.

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  • In September 2013, Dr Grant Ballantyne and Dr Artem Golev visited rare earths processing plants in Europe: Molycorp Silmet facility in Sillamae, Estonia, and Solvay plant in La Rochelle, France.
  • Professor Saleem Ali presented a keynote presentation at the World Mining Congress in Montreal, Canada in August 2013, where he highlighted the importance of applying technological tools to improving social engagement in the extractive industries. In October, 2013 Professor Ali also visited China and held a meeting with the senior leadership of Chinalco. 
  • Our Consortium Flyer has been updated and is now available in Chinese.

The University of Queensland's Sustainable Minerals Institute is initiating a new research consortium initiative which seeks to bring together leading international academics, industry practitioners, and policy makers to discuss the full product cycle of rare earth minerals. This is part of the Sustainable Minerals Institute’s NextMine™ initiative, which is a collaborative effort between engineers, scientists and social scientists.

The consortium was launched at our one-day symposium on Friday 31st May 2013 in Brisbane, Australia.This Symposium considered a panoramic perspective of the sector, moving beyond a solely industrial performance focus and addressing four critical research themes:

  • International governance and security concerns around rare earths supply
  • Industrial ecological approaches to minimizing environmental footprint of rare earths
  • Perceived and real nuclear risks and social conflicts
  • Economic determinants and future contributions of the sector to a green economy

The Symposium has attracted academic scholars and industry leaders from Japanese and Chinese universities and mining sector. Two of the keynote speakers are travelling from Japan to present - Dr Keisuke Nansai from the National Institute for Environmental Studies and Professor Yoshihiko Wada from Doshisha University. There has also been great interest from Chinese leading industry groups and various industry and academic delegates from Malaysia, USA, UK, and Canada.

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