Rare Earth Minerals: Systems Solutions to Supply Constraints

Rare earth minerals are critical to the development of new material technologies required to sustain the needs of today’s society.

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The UQ Rare Earths initiative aims to bring together leading international academics, industry practitioners, and policy makers to discuss the full product cycle of rare earth minerals. As rare earth minerals are critical to the development of materials and technologies required in today’s society, there is unprecedented demand and serious pressure on supply. Consequently, there is an extraordinary prospect to diversify how these minerals are recovered and harnessed, and to do so in more environmentally, socially and economically beneficial ways.

The research team is focussed on four critical research themes:

  • International governance and security concerns around rare earths supply
  • Industrial ecological approaches to minimizing environmental footprint of rare earths
  • Perceived and real nuclear risks and social conflicts
  • Economic determinants and future contributions of the sector to a green economy

CSRM is continually engaging with potential research partners and industry to investigate potential ways for advancing the social, environmental, regulatory and technical related aspects of the rare earth minerals sector. 

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