Dates: Aug 2012 - Jul 2015

The “Cumulative Socioeconomic Impacts: Phase 1” Project is identifying and developing mechanisms to understand, measure and respond to cumulative socio-economic impacts of coal seam gas development in rural Queensland.

Associated CSRM Staff / Students

  • Associate Professor Will Rifkin
  • Dr. Vikki Uhlmann
  • Dr. Jo-Anne Everingham
  • Kylie May

Project Aims

  • To generate knowledge about the cumulative socioeconomic impacts of four, multi-billion dollar, gas projects that will contribute to better decisions and planning by companies, government and local councils; and more informed communities and stakeholders.
  • To develop models and approaches - specifically 'indicators' - that can be used to measure, track and analyse cumulative impacts in this context and other contexts.

Project Partners

  • QGC
  • Arrow Energy
  • Santos
  • Centre for Coal Seam Gas
  • Agencies in QLD Government
Cumulative Socioeconomic Impacts: Phase 1
Aug 2012
Jul 2015

Cumulative Socioeconomic Impacts: Phase 1