Dates: Nov 2011 - Aug 2014

Theme: Gender and Mining

This project focuses on the gender dimensions of agreement making and local-level benefit sharing in the context of mining. This work is funded by a research partnership between the Minerals Council of Australia (MCA) and the Australian Agency for International Development, AusAID. The overarching aim of the research is to identify factors that enable and/or constrain the achievement of gender equality in negotiating, implementing and monitoring agreements between local communities and mining companies.

The research is being undertaken in two phases. Phase One involves an investigation of available literature and targeted interviews with parties who have been directly involved in company-community agreement processes. Phase Two focuses on understanding gender dimensions and women’s perspectives on agreement processes at specific mining locations in Australia, PNG and Laos.

A final report drawing together findings across both phases of the research will be made available in 2013, at the conclusion of the study.

This project considers the role of gender in company-community agreement processes and, more specifically, how participation of women affects the negotiation of agreements, agreement governance and the delivery of local-level benefits. The research seeks to build knowledge and understanding to inform mining industry engagement and development strategies, as well as the strategies of development agencies working in the context of mining. Findings could also be useful for governments as a partner to agreements or in setting minimum standards, and civil society and community groups in their engagement with mining and development.

Associated CSRM Staff / Students

  • Professor Deanna Kemp
  • Julia Keenan
  • Rebekah Ramsay
  • Dr. Kirsty Gillespie
  • Ashlee Schleger
  • Diana Arbelaez-Ruiz
  • Nina Collins

Project Aims

  • To examine the case for integrating gender into the processes of negotiating, implementing and monitoring agreements.
  • To build knowledge and understanding to enable mining companies to be more effective in facilitating positive and gender-sensitive development outcomes through agreement processes.
  • To assist governments, development agencies and community groups, particularly those that engage women, to understand the potential for agreements to contribute to the delivery of gender-sensitive development outcomes.

Project Partners

  • Minerals Council of Australia (MCA)
  • Australian Agency for International Development (AusAID)
Mining and local-level development: examining the gender dimensions of agreement making and benefit sharing
Nov 2011
Aug 2014

Mining and local-level development: examining the gender dimensions of agreement making and benefit sharing