Dates: Jul 2010 - Jan 2013

Region: Global

Theme: Human rights

As part of an ongoing partnership between CSRM and Rio Tinto, CSRM has co-developed and co-authored a ‘How-To’ practitioners guide to integrating human rights considerations into Communities and Social Performance work. The ‘how to’ publication provides guidance on engaging inclusively, undertaking human rights due diligence, and integrating human rights into CSP planning processes. The Guide also provides insight into Rio Tinto’s corporate human rights framework and how the business can continue to build enduring and positive relationships with communities. This Guide includes several case studies, tools and checklists that elaborate on various aspects of business and human rights.

This is the third in a series of Guides for Rio Tinto that CSRM has contributed to.

Project Aims

  • Raise awareness of human rights and its implications for Rio Tinto and the resources industry more broadly.
  • Provide guidance to industry practitioners and to other external stakeholders on how to engage inclusively, undertake human rights due diligence, and integrate human rights into CSP planning processes.
  • Engage and access the experiences and expertise of internal Rio Tinto senior practitioners and international external experts in human rights for input and feedback on the development of the guide.
  • Help to define a practice agenda in human rights due diligence for the resources sector.

Project Partners

  • Rio Tinto
Rio Tinto Human Rights Guide
Jul 2010
Jan 2013

Rio Tinto Human Rights Guide