Dates: Aug 2017 - Aug 2017

Region: South America

Theme: Socio-economic and Environmental Monitoring

In August 2017 CSRM ran a three-day training course for Codelco Sustainability Department staff in social risk management.

The course drew on ISO standard 31000:2009 Risk Management principles as an internationally recognised framework for approaching risk management within an organisation and more specifically in the mining context.

It focused particularly on social risk as not only the risk that the community may pose to the company, but as the risk that the company may pose to the community and how this may impact back on the company, in what Kemp et al have termed “rebound dynamics” (Kemp et al. 2016). The consideration of social risk goes beyond the consideration of narrow business interests to consider the experience and perspective of external stakeholders to be able to fully understand risk pathways and identify appropriate mitigation measures or opportunities for mutual benefit.

Associated CSRM Staff / Students

  • Dr. Jo-Anne Everingham
  • Sarah Mackenzie

Project Aims

  • To introduce Codelco’s Sustainability Department team to the frameworks and tools that can be used to help operationalise and refine social risk management.
  • To build the team’s capacity to identify and analyse social risks and opportunities in a way that recognises their complexity and takes into consideration the different contexts and perspectives of all stakeholders to develop sustainable mitigation and en

Project Partners

  • Codelco
Social risk management training
Aug 2017
Aug 2017

Social risk management training