Myanmar and the Natural Resource Charter 28 Priority Issues for the Extractives Industries

Other Contributors:

  • Andrew Bauer
  • Patrick Heller
  • Rob Pitman
  • Matthieu Salomon
  • Paul Shortel
  • Erica Westenberg
  • Nicola Woodroffe

Published by: The Natural Resource Governance Institute (NRGI)

This report aims to provide a unified structure to build common understanding about the challenges Myanmar faces in transforming extractive wealth into tangible benefits, including accounting for the social and environmental costs associated with the extractive industries. Drawing on the stakeholder consultations and

independent research, the report seeks to identify shared priorities and opportunities for policy change going forward.


Bauer, Andrew, Heller, Patrick, Pitman, Rob, Salomon, Matthieu, Shortell, Paul, Westenberg, Erica, Woodroffe, Nicola, Rogers, Paul, Cornish, Gillian and Bowman, Vicky (2016) Myanmar and the Natural Resource Charter: 28 Priority Issues for the Extractive Industries