Socio-ecological tools in the development of mineral infrastructure

Other Contributors:

  • Dr Shanty Rachmat
  • Prof. Miming Miharja

Published by: AIIRA Research Report

The infrastructure required by mining operations can provide opportunities for developing countries like Indonesia to leverage their mining investment for broader development objectives. However, such infrastructure needs to negotiate social and environmental concerns. Effective planning tools that incorporate spatial technology and social engagement can assist in the design of infrastructure corridors that are sensitive to socio-ecological factors and enable the active participation of impacted communities. In this research project we hypothesise that mining projects that use these tools have greater potential to meet development objectives with minimal conflict, while making it more likely projects will obtain community acceptance. The main goal of this research is to answer two main research questions:

1. What are the key factors that need to be included when planning sustainable infrastructure development associated with mining industries?

2. How can these factors be incorporated into a tool that can be used to better plan infrastructure development associated with mining operations in resource-rich regions of Indonesia?