This report presents the findings of a rapid stakeholder perceptions study conducted for Minera Yanacocha ("Yanacocha") in mid-late August 2012. The urban area of Cajamarca has not been the primary focus of Yanacocha's community engagement and social development activities to date-the company has been more focused on near-mine communities in its 'area of influence'. Therefore, the focus of this research was on the urban area of Cajamarca city. The study was led by the Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining (CSRM) from The University of Queensland, in Australia in collaboration with CCPM Grupo Consultor from Peru. The objectives of the perceptions study were to: - Understand community perspectives, experiences, stories and views about company- community relationship dynamics - both historic and contemporary -Explore the dynamics that have led to entrenched relationship tensions and conflict with Yanacocha - Highlight potential strategies for 're-connecting' with stakeholders in Cajamarca city.

Publisher: CSRM, CCPM


Kemp, D., Owen, J., Arbelaez-Ruiz, D., Cervantes, M., & Benavides Rueda, J. (2012). Listening to the city of Cajamarca. Brisbane: Centre for Social Responsibility in Mining, University of Queensland.

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Listening to the city of Cajamarca

Listening to the city of Cajamarca