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2011Management of the Social Impacts of MiningBook ChapterView
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2011Community IssuesBook ChapterView
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2010Corporate assessment of site-level social performance in the resources industryReportView
2010Managing the Cumulative Impacts of Coal Mining on Regional Communities and Environments in Australia. Impact Assessment and Project AppraisalResearch PaperView
2010New Approaches to Evaluating the Performance of Corporate–Community Partnerships: A Case Study from the Minerals SectorResearch PaperView
2010Strategic resource or ideal source? Discourse, organizational change and CSRResearch PaperView
2010Mining, water and human rights: making the connectionResearch PaperView
2010Technology Futures Discussion PaperReportView
2010Indigenous Peoples and MiningGuide / HandbookView
2010Accountability in planning for sustainable water supplies in South East QueenslandResearch PaperView
2010Procuring from SMEs in Local CommunitiesGuide / HandbookView
2010Cumulative Impacts: A good practice guide for the Australian coal mining industryGuide / HandbookView
2009Leading Practice Strategies for Addressing the Social Impacts of Resource DevelopmentsReportView
2009Incorporating Sustainable Development in the Design of Mineral Processing Operations- Review and Analysis of Current ApproachesResearch PaperView
2009Risk Communication: A Framework for Technology Development and Implementation in the Mining and Minerals Processing IndustriesReportView
2009Community Complaints and Grievance Mechanisms and The Australian Minerals IndustryReportView
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2009A comparative analysis of voluntary codes of conduct in the Australian mineral and petroleum industriesReportView
2009Atmospheric and hydrological transport modelling of SOx emissions in a unique verification contextResearch PaperView
2009Potential opportunities and impacts of a hydrogen economy for the Australian minerals industryResearch PaperView
2009Challenges and Opportunities in the Development of a Cultural Heritage Management Strategy at the Lihir Gold Mine, Papua New GuineaConference PaperView
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2008Corporate engagement with indigenous women in the minerals industry: making space for theoryBook ChapterView
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Managing Cumulative Impacts